Bobi wine sends heartfelt message to the late Mowzey Radio

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Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi wine is among the people who have come out and celebrated the late Moses Ssekiboggo aka Mowzey Radio who passed away two years ago. The late would be celebrating his 35th birthday today died in 2018 in a mysterious way.
Here is Bobi wine’s message below


Exactly two years ago
Darkness fell at noon
It was a day of gloom
Akin to the day of doom
The king went home.
We heard it on radios,
The telephones rang ceaselessly.
We had hoped he would wake up.
We had prayed for another chance.
But the giver of life
Slapped us in the face,
and said, NO.
We were lost for words, so sudden it was.
We called him, but he did not answer
We played the piano
But he could not sing to it,
His angelic voice and rhythm
Silenced by the hand of death.
And two years have passed.
The pain still so fresh
The loss never going away.
The void so deep,
His place so hard to fill.
The guitar, the harp, and the lyre
Can attest!
Memories he did leave with us….
In love we sing “sweeter than kuku”
When not sure, listen to “Nkwagala”
When procrastination sets in,
we are awakened by “Obudde”
“Corruption” tells us that ours is a worth fight
When doubt sets in, we sing “Tambula nange”,
as we commit everything, including bis gentle soul, to the hands of the mighty creator.

Continue resting in peace, soldier!