Pastor Kayanja has expressed his support and Love for president Museveni.

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when the president appeared Rubaga miracle center cathedral for the 77 DOGS it was obvious that the man of god has been in support for the government . Today as the president was meeting born again heads at Lugogo cricket , Pastor Kayanja expressed his dying love for the president.


“Africa is no longer under the curse. It’s time to stand with you (President Museveni) to build our land. We have one disturbing issue that is scaring all 55,000 of us; Father Lokodo’s policy document. That document doesn’t represent you at all. We wonder why they only bring it when we’re approaching elections

We believe that the spirit of God is upon our country. We thank the president for granting us the freedom we needed. Pastors and evangelists have something common with the NRM government; NRM has the correct ideology and we have the correct theology”