Mao’s missing son found deep in sleep at a relative’s place

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Democratic Party President General Norbert Mao’s 19-year-old son who went missing yesterday with un known person has been found and the politician is all over the moon after the return of his son.


In a statement which the DP president posted on his social media pages, Mao confirmed that he had reported the case of his missing boy to the police and hoped his son would return home unharmed. But was later found out that the boy was sleeping at his cousin’s home a few minutes to 1:00 am.

“The hours of frantic search (some of which were blind alleys) have paid off. We have found Nico! I give the highest form of praise one can give the Living God. Nico is well. The time was 55 minutes past midnight. We found him asleep. His guitar leaning on the wall. His host (a cousin) said he wanted some time alone to reflect. I let him sleep,” said Mao in his latest statement.

“How I wish I could embrace all those whose outpourings of prayer, love and encouragement kept me from imagining and believing the worst. Your calls and messages kept our spirits high. Concerned people from all walks of life in Uganda and abroad offered support. I especially thank our friends for keeping us from the abyss of despair. Indeed friends are relatives you choose. We may not be related by blood but we are related by love. May God bless you all abundantly” read part of Mao’s statement after finding his missing son.