Uganda’s population to increase to 106 million by 2050

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According to the report by FAO, Uganda will rapidly grow and extensively transform in the next three decades.


The country’s population is anticipated to reach about 106 million in the year 2050 vis-a-vis a current population of 40 million today, and the size of the economy is expected to more than triple. Such a pace of change is unparalleled in Uganda’s history.

FAO’s Country Representative His Excellency, Antonio Querido in his preface statement in the report notes that Ugandan decision-makers have to grapple with so many uncertainties from multiple directions that prioritizing interventions and holding a straight course will prove a daunting task.

“In the next decades, population growth, urbanization, technological innovations and adoptions, increased movements of people and goods, not to mention climate change, will thoroughly transform Uganda” H.E Antonio Querido notes in the report.

The human population is expected to more than double by 2050 and 44 percent of the people will live in urban areas vis-a-vis 22 percent today; GDP per capita will increase by 175 percent and consumption of livestock products will more than triple.