Why you need to own the Ticteq app on your phone

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I just came to the mysterious realization that I have more than 60 apps installed on my phone. Clearly, there are only a few of those that I would love to use every time am in need. Like when it gets to me owning my ticket, forgetting the hustle of lining up at the event to buy a ticket. And yes the convenience that comes with getting a ticket. As I tried to deciliter my device, I realized that there are those apps that I just could not do away with, Ticteq app being one of them.


With the app, you can buy event tickets; check out the latest events around town, the Ticteq app is a convenient resource within your fingertips.

Here’s why I call it best app ever;

Do it all; While put on a pedestal dictates that you have to take care of your bills, you also need to live a little. Not only are you able to find all the biggest events on the app, but you can also book your holiday to any part of the world, and get flight tickets as well, all on the app.

Superfast checkout; Buying tickets on the app has never been easier than it is with the Ticteq app,  Pick multiple ticket types and proceed to pay fast and easy.

Smart transaction history; You can view your transaction history on the app and this way, you can account for every coin paid through the app. The activity tab on the app indicates the date, time, amount spent and the service that you were paying for.

Process of how to purchase a ticket on Ticteq App

Ticket accessibility; you can access your tickets, any time anywhere even when you are off the internet

Event notification; you get notified about your favorite event, venue and time. There’s nothing that beats party people than not knowing the exact venue of the event, now with this app you can easily know the location and venue.

The app is available on both the Google Play store and the web portal. Download it and get started today. or visit www.ticteq.com