Tips on how to pull a successful event

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Many events have flopped and others have sold but have you ever asked why some flop and others sell out, for those who don’t know why shows have sold out, here is the key to successful event and if you follow them right, it means that you have gotten the right numbers to your event and boom you have a sold out event.


Selling out a show is always a great thing and especially if you can do it before the event date. This creates a feeling of ecstasy because your vendors are happy, your sponsors happier, those attending won’t suffer from the fear-of-missing-out event and those looking inside from the outside wish they’d have bought their tickets earlier.

We’ve come up with a few tips that can help you market your event successfully. Let’s drive you to some of the tips

Leverage on your teams and partners

Ensure the artists/speakers are talking about the event and sharing the particulars. Engage the service providers so that they can join in the conversation. Use their social media handles and tag the relevant parties. Remember, each team member/partner has his/her own community of followers and your target audience could be among them.

Try out on Social media marketing.

Use your social media networks to get the word out. If you do not have a Facebook page for your brand, consider creating one. Alternatively, you can create an event and push out all information through this page. There are a lot of engagements on social media and it is this that can also help market your event. Ensure that your content is engaging. Consider using a hashtag where all information regarding the event can be tagged before, during and after the event.

Capture the right and necessary content.

Always make sure that you have the right content on your event poster, we always believe that less is more so long as you have included the most important details. Strike a balance as too much information on the poster could be overwhelming whereas too little could be your undoing. Does your listing have the event description? Every time you list an event, think of the person who has never been to your event. This description should be able to paint a vivid picture, and if possible, nudge them to take the next action, which is seeking more information or make a purchase.

Give away a few freebies to get the buzz going.

When planning on creating an event always think of having few entries to your events, set aside a few giveaway tickets. Give discounted tickets to the first people to buy the tickets, this helps create a buzz about your event. Running competitions on your pages can help get more people participating and ultimately knowing about your event.

Build the hype.

How do you build the hype of your event? Here is one of the ways, Create teasers and make the content shareable. Trailer videos are a good place to start. Share snippets of the event preparations, create a countdown to the event and consider working with influencers to build on this pre-event hype. Where possible, hold a press conference or an event launch and get as many people as possible talking about your event.

It goes without saying that easy ticket purchase is also one of the key elements that can help elevate your event success. Always work with a ticketing partner that goes where your audience is. it is in this that Ticteq has come out to help the event organizer handle such situations. is one of the ticketing agencies that have come to save the event organizers and the revelers the hustle of getting tickets.