Pine boss Sebuufu sentenced to 40 years in prison, told to pay more 100 million as compensation

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High court judge Flavia Anglin Sennoga found guilty Pine car bond proprietor Muhammad Sebuufu of murdering Betty Donah Katushabe and he has been imprisoned for 40 years. The judge also ordered the Sebuufu to compensate the family of the late Donah with 100 Million. Sebufu was convicted with six others who the judge found guilty of being an accessory after commissioning of an offense.


This comes after the convicted are said to have kidnapped and beaten Katushabe to death after she failed to clear a debt with the bond worth nine million Uganda shillings.

Justice Senoga ruled that prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Sebuufu and 6 others had a common intention to kidnap Katushabe from her home at Bwebajja, robbed her of her mobile phone and tortured her to death.

The judge explained that prosecution evidence placed the convicts at the scene of the crime as those who kidnaped Donah and intentionally caused her death.

According to evidence presented by the prosecution, the deceased purchased a car at pine car bond at 13 million but only managed to pay five million.

That after failed attempts by Ssebuufu to have Katushabe pay the remaining 9millions, he instructed his security guards to pick up the victim from her home in Bwebajja along Entebbe road on that fateful day.

The prosecution stated that after kidnapping Katushabe, she was taken directly to Ssebuufu’s office from where she was kicked and beaten with sticks thereby causing grievous wounds to her body which led to her death