Pharmaceutical society of Uganda blasts BBC for airing story that exposes their dirty rags

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When NBS and BBC aired an investigative story of how pharmacists are stealing from the sick, the nation got into shock many when pharmacists affiliated to some of the country’s top medical facilities were exposed in the vice of stealing and sale of drugs illegally. However, the PSU (Pharmaceutical society of Uganda) have come out and denied he said people who were shown in the video selling government drugs to the journalist.


The society has also gone to claim that the stations aired an inaccurate version of the documentary, according to the statement that was published in the daily monitor, the society claims that the said pharmacists in the video are not part of their team and that they pseudo”, that they have never and have not been part of their society.

They also claim that they are disturbed by the way the story was aired, in that they tried to clarify with BBC about the said person a one Alex who was in the video who is not part of Lacor hospital as claimed in the program, the station went on with the airing of the program with misinterpretation f facts.

“We are also disappointed that there were no efforts to ascertain from the Council of PSU and the pharmacy board of the ministry of health that these were pharmacists” reads part of the statement.

In a statement dated 26th the society states that BBC should remove, re-edit, and re-upload on its various sites and social media pages, within the next 72 hours.

It is noted that the reporter in this video Solomon Sserwanjja along with other fellow journalists was arrested by police on claims that he was stealing drugs and that he was trespassing on people’s premises without their notice but the court later granted them bail.

The society (PSU) looks forward to seeing the BBC ascertain the plea in order to avoid unnecessary escalations of events that might happen later.