My kid will be kidnapped if he goes to Dubai alone; I have to go with him!! Fresh kid’s father explains

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There has been a lot that has been going between fresh kid and his father about going to Dubai for the gig he had to perform and that fresh kid’s father should not go with him, but the old man has come out and explained to the public saying that he needs to go with the artist claiming that he is a father who doesn’t want his kid to be kidnapped while in Dubai.


“A lot has been said about me. People have accused me of disappearing from my kid’s life and only returning when he is in the limelight. All this is not true. Fresh Kid has always lived with me. Until the manager came and asked for him.

But just because I am poor and have no voice doesn’t remove my parental rights and responsibilities. My son is below 18 years old, I have to involve in his life. What if he is flown out and kidnapped in Dubai? Every child needs their parent’s full protection.

Even if you don’t buy me a ticket. At least buy it for Fresh Kid’s mother. My son cannot trust with just his manager. Both his parents are still alive. If anything bad happens to him, it is us who will be blamed.

Let me be abused, called all sorts of names. But I won’t hide from being a real father and carrying out my full duties.”

Social media had been having mixed reactions about fresh kid’s father others saying he must while some are saying that he has no right of going with the artist.