Mistakes celebrities do and get to your nerves

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When you see them on televisions and listen to them on radios or following them on their social media platforms, you might think that they are the perfect definition of man but hell no!! That is not what it with celebrities here and other parts of the world.


Our writer James Kibira talked to Ronnie Nsubuga a lifestyle coach, model manager, and music fun and explained to him the mistakes our celebrities normally do and get to the nerves of their fans, which even let to their downfall as celebrities.

As a lifestyle coach, I have interacted with many people around different sectors most so people in the arts industry and have come to realize that the behavior of our celebrities really freaks the hell out of me. I’ve been to many events in town and have seen a lot of public figures who think their status gives them the authorization to be rude to others.

A rude celebrity isn’t any better than any other unmannerly person. Today many young people are always on Television watching what goes in much soap and reality programs, chances are they have seen questionable conduct. They might think that if the famous person acts in a certain way, it’s okay for them to do it too.

Below are some of the questionable acts celebrities do and really get to my nerves.

Saying, “Do You Know Who I Am?” to Get Their Way

When a celebrity goes to a restaurant or other establishment, they shouldn’t expect preferential service. However, there are some who believe their fame gives them an excuse to be rude. While it’s okay for celebrities to expect to be treated with respect for their accomplishments, they need to treat their service providers well. This includes paying the full bill and leaving a tip. Oh, by the way, one celebrity seems to think his/her autograph is enough of a tip. To them, this might seem the better way of handling people in the public but that’s arrogance at its worst.

They are never satisfied

There are some celebrities who are never happy with their orders, no matter how hard people try to please them. Perhaps they need to stay home and hire a personal chef who is willing to put up with them. Or they can make a commitment to treat their servers with the respect they deserve. This doesn’t work with only the chefs but also their makeup artists, hair stylists, video directors and other people who make sure that the celebrity is out there to the public to appreciate.

At times they tend to put down their providers’ ego when they claim to something bad that has just happened to them.

they normally get bad table manners

Like in the old days of our Heritage we all had a lot of mannerism when it came to food. Everyone, including celebrities, should stick to proper behavior when dining with others. This means that they should chew with their mouths closed, hold a conversation that doesn’t cause others to lose their appetite, and stay seated until everyone is finished with their meals.

Expect rules and laws to be broken

It’s understandable that restaurants will make allowances for certain celebrity behavior and even give a table to a famous person as soon as he walks in, even if others have been waiting in line for hours. This might be annoying, but it happens. However, when celebrities expect rules and laws (such as immature drinking) to be broken, they need to realize this can cause the waitress to be fined or worse, go to jail. Badly Behaved celebrities who engage in this behavior should suffer the same consequences as everyone else.

Physical abuse

You probably won’t be surprised that some celebrities think there’s nothing wrong with striking someone who doesn’t do what they’re told to do. Even if someone is hired to do a job that doesn’t get done, it’s never okay to hit him or her. Not only that, everyone deserves a certain amount of personal space. Even celebrities need to keep their tempers in check or face the consequences, get counseling and face disciplinary measures related to their actions.we have seen musicians here attacking deejays for not playing their music a thing which is against the law.

They are always arrogant

There are cases where public figures have turned up their noses to the very fans that put them where they are. These celebs need to keep in mind that they’re making boatloads of money when their loyal customers spend their hard earned cash on their music, movies, or sports events. It won’t hurt them to stop for a moment and pose for a selfie with someone who adores them or signs a few autographs. This doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to some private time with friends and family, but they should at least be gracious and polite to those who adore them.

Trashing of fellow celebrities in the same field

Years ago we had the battle of songs between Bebe Cool and Bobi wine where each of the artists bashed each other in songs, this has gone to this generation where young artists have also picked this kind of behavior of beefing each other.

It’s become a regular behavior here just to bring the media to ones face and to stick in the limelight. When you hear one celebrity talking smack about another one, it probably makes your ears burn. Why would someone do that? Is it because his talent can’t stand up to the person he’s talking about? Or is it some other security that started in early childhood? Only his analyst knows for sure.

Won’t talk to the common folk

We have seen celebrities hiding away from their fans; most of them prefer putting on hoodies to hide their identity. There are celebrities who think that their fame put them above others who serve them, and they refuse to communicate directly with the “omuntu wa wansi.” in Kabako’s voice. This is ridiculous and rude, and it doesn’t bode well for them if they ever stick without their followers.

 Too busy to be on time

There was a time when we had a press conference and one of the artists came in for it after like an hour, this made the whole presser to go into freeze.

Celebrities who consistently make people wait for them are as rude as anyone else who is always late. Everyone’s time is valuable, and showing up half an hour after you’ve agreed to be there can turn your adoring fans into haters who take their grievances to social media. They should make a concerted effort to be on time.

Bite the hand that feeds them

After hitting it big, celebrities need to remember how they started. Most of them do, but there are some who seem to think they’re better than their roots. Always treat those who you a leg-up an extra dose of kindness and courtesy. Showing gratitude will earn quite a bit more respect than being bratty.

Forget to acknowledge others

There isn’t a single celebrity who got where he or she is without help from managers, agents, fans, and promoters. While it’s not necessary to grovel, they need to acknowledge all the hard work people have done to make them so successful. There are some celebrities who refuse to do that and have actually come right out and said they did it all by themselves. That’s just plain delusional. They might have developed talent on their own, but without the fan base that is willing to follow them, they would be just another talented person performing on the street.

It is in this case that I urge our celebrities to respect, love and accept whenever advised by their own people who make sure that they are up there. This is so because every time they disrespect that person it is the artist’s career that is going down into the ditch.