Amos Wekesa to go nude if Murchison falls is given away

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Amos Wekesa, the chief executive officer of Great Lakes Safaris and top tour operator has threatened to undress and go nude if Murchison falls is given away to investors to set up a power dam


While on an interview today on NTV Wekesa said that the power firm that wants to construct the dam at the falls are not known and haven’t done anything big and that they might just destroy the falls if given the opportunity to construct the dam there.

‘‘Go and try to find out about this so-called power firm that claims wants to construct a dam. They are not known, they haven’t done anything big so how sure are we that their destruction of Murchison falls will even bear reasonable fruits ‘’ Wekesa said.

He added: We are living like we are the last generation. Look at how many forests and swamps we have destroyed in just one generation. It is just absurd.

‘‘You have killed Isimba, Bujagali and you want to also go for Murchison and I can assure you, these dams will not last forever. That is heartbreaking. Murchison falls already has enough problems. There is a bridge that is being constructed which should have been raised higher, there are oil discoveries whose activities are affecting wild animals and others’’ he said.

“The Electricity Regulatory Authority has under section 29 of the Electricity Act 1999, received a notice of intended application for a license from Bonang Power Energy (Pty) Limited for the generation and sale of electricity from a hydropower plant proposed to be established near Murchison Falls.reads part of the notice.

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