4 Signs you’re About to Marry the Wrong Person

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Sister or brother have you ever thought of getting that Mr. right or Mrs. right and then boom you fall onto the wrong person, and you start cursing the day you met him or her, yes here are the signs that show that the person you are living with is not the right person for you.


If you want to know whether or not you’re marrying the wrong person, consider these four major signs.

Your only focus is on the wedding

Most people that are happy about their choice in a partner usually anticipate the marriage much more than the wedding. They daydream of living with their partner, waking up beside each other every morning, starting a family and so on. But when you did not make the right choice, your focus will only be on the wedding day. You dread thinking about what happens afterward.

You’re crippled with doubts

Another sign you’re marrying the wrong person is when you have such crippling doubts that you sometimes have nightmares and may even find yourself in tears. It’s okay to have some doubts since no one is perfect. But they should not be so many that you’re driving yourself crazy. Your doubts may even manifest themselves in physical symptoms like fatigue, illness and a constant headache.

You’re hoping they will change

When a fundamental character in your man is something you hate, then you probably should not be getting married. If you’re going into the marriage based on promises he made that he will change, or you have to convince yourself that he will, you’re marrying the wrong person.

You aren’t talking to each other

Happily engaged couples can’t wait to plan their lives together. They have had discussions about kids, finances, goals, and so on. It’s basically all they talk about. But when you’re marrying the wrong person, you don’t want to have these conversations. You find yourself just looking ahead and hoping for the best.