The dream in the pearl dance experience takes revelers through their culture

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People think folk dances are important because they keep a culture alive, they preserve the culture and pass it on the next generation, and it’s in that context that dances are uniting forces to the Ugandan people. Yesterday at the Kampala Serena hotel revelers had a feel of their culture through dances in a how dubbed dance and beats dream in the pearl organized by Flavia Namulindwa.


Time check 9:30 pm and the beats of the local drum start sounding in the background, the, MC calls for the singing of Buganda and national anthem which was done in the using local instruments. And at exactly 10 pm the lady of the night comes on stage to make announcements and to give a brief of the show.

The dances started a few minutes after 10 pm starting with the tribes in North West of Uganda that’s Ateso dancing the Ajoosi dance, then followed the dance from Karamoja dancers jumping and stomping on the ground (Naleyo dance), after taking us to northeast of Uganda, the dancers took us to the north in the Acholi land where they performed the Lamakwog “Larakaraka” dance, here dancers use mainly men use calabashes, from northern Uganda we went straight to the eastern region where the dancers gave us an experience of the Bagishu (Imbalu dance) and Kisoga dance (Irongo and tamanhaibugha dance).

After one and half hours of nonstop performances, the dancers had to go back and rest down as the audience was being entertained by Irene Namatovu who performed her kuzaala kujjagaana hit song which also comprises of local instruments and the local dances.

After a short rest, the dancers came back energetic to give the revelers value for their money, the electrifying dances from the Bakiga (Kizino), Ankole (Ekitaghuriro) and Tooro (Orunyege-Ntogoro).

Then came the climax of the show with the Bakisimba Muwogola dance from the Baganda that winded up the show at exactly 12:48, where Namulindwa thanked the audience for believing in her and the troupe.

“I would like to thank whoever believed in me, and all those who believe in the traditional dances, that this is the thing, this derives our culture and am looking forward to the better show next year,” Flavia said.

The guest of honor honorable Godfrey Kiwanda who is the state minister for tourism wildlife and antiquities promised to boost more of the coming show with 20 million shillings as a sign of appreciating what was done.

The minister also went on to entertain the guest as he joined onto the stage and showcased his skills in drumming which put the audience into excitement, “ I didn’t know that the minister knows how to drum, this is a surprise to me” one of the revelers said.

Minister Kiwanda playing the drums at the dance and beats show

Just like any other show that you see Fenon events on, expect always the best and yes Steve Jean didn’t disappoint with the best lighting and stage, the screens always rhymed with the dances from each region, with what was showcased yesterday it indeed had to explain why Fenon is the best when it comes to staging management and lighting.

And indeed, dance and beats dream in the pearl season two was truly a definition of Ugandan culture and summing up the heroes celebrations.