Fresh kid’s father to fail his child career,management laments

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The management team of rapper Patrick Senyonjo alias Fresh Kid has accused the singer’s father of depriving them of access to him.


According to our information in the young rapper’s camp is that the manager is claiming that it the singer’s father has taken over, leaving them in the cold.

“The truth is; we are still working with Fresh Kid but there is limited time with him. I have written so many songs but now I don’t get time with him because his father has him,” Fresh Kid’s writer said.

“I feel so bad. I don’t know why his father is doing this to us, whoever is advising him should do better. Fresh Kid’s talent is going to dwindle,” he added.

These also claim that Fresh Kid being in the compan of his father all the time is not as helpful because he used to be quicker while thinking about his next songs without him.

“The father forgets that Fresh Kid was taken into school by well-wishers because of is talent, hence, it should be maintained and improved instead of being suffocated.”

The singer’s manager Francis Kamoga called upon his father to grant them an opportunity to associate with Fresh Kid because it is them who brought him to fame.

The young rapper’s father accuses his management of overworking his child and yet he is not getting anything from his child’s sweat.