Bobi wine rubbishes the IPOD summit and those who participated

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Kyadondo east legislator Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi wine has come out and rubbished the IPOD and blasted Museveni for attempting to sanitize the country.


The legislator who wrote a long statement on his social media pages noted that the dialogue under the Inter-Party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD) is a complete joke. It is a desperate attempt by Museveni and his regime to sanitize the impunity that he presides over in this country. I encourage all friendly pro-change forces not to fall for this trick! How can we share a platform with a man who has the blood of our people on his hands and is not ready to admit and denounce it? He noted

“We have never been opposed to dialogue, but our stand has been and remains that it is only free people who can dialogue- PERIOD. If I am dialoguing with President Museveni, he must, first of all, see me as a citizen of Uganda with my full rights, and not as a slave or a mere pawn on his chessboard! You cannot have your foot on my neck and then say to me, – ‘let’s talk!’ He added.

“Citizens’ rights must first be respected and upheld. I say this well knowing that these rights are not a favor from any government- they are inherent!! Secondly, the people of Uganda are the true stakeholders and shareholders of this country. All leaders must never forget that. I always tell my friends that the PEOPLE ARE OUR FIRST AND LAST RESORT. Any dialogue that is worth its name must involve them and listen to them” Bobi wine said.

Earlier today at Democratic Party president Norbert Mao came out and blasted the FDC for failing to turn up at the IPOD summit, on various times forum for democratic change rubbished summit saying that it can’t sit with president Museveni.

“We call upon our colleagues who have consistently denounced IPO Summit meetings simply because they feel that sitting in a meeting with President Museveni waters down their image as an opposition party to change their attitude….”

“Why would one be uncomfortable with partaking of a meal one has participated fully in preparing?”

“In addition, all IPOD members receive support towards institution building. Currently, IPOD is running a three-year support program where each of the five-member Political Parties will benefit to a tune of about UGX 1billion shillings, including those absent here”

“We are all capable of flexing our populist muscles by taking the disputes we have with the ruling party to the streets. But by doing so, we shall be putting the very future of peaceful co-existence and democratic stability in Uganda at stake. I believe that dialogue is the one thing we have not done enough of”

This is the second time FDC members have dodged the IPOD Summit. The first one was in November 2018 at Munyonyo