Pastor Bugingo turns a Muslim, promises to have both wives with him

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A self-proclaimed man of God pastor Aloysius Bugingo of the house of prayer ministries is no man to joke with while preaching at his church Bugingo said that he is to keep both women teddy and Suzan as his wives.


According to our sources in Makerere confirmed to us that the man of God had reached a resolution with his current wife and his wife to be.

According to our sources, the divorce will go ahead but Teddy won’t lose any of her shares or her position in the church.

However, she will be expected to respect Bugingo’s new catch and will be required to give the first wife’s blessings to the upcoming marriage.

We have also learned that Bugingo currently has become a common figure at Kakande’s palatial residence in Muyenga. It is said that in these times when every pastor has abandoned Bugingo, only Sheikh aka Prophet Kakande has been there for him.

Our sources also reveal to us that Suzan’s mother is a regular at pastor Kakande’s church where she holds the position of a church elder.