Ticteq app to save the entertainment industry from the deepest ditch

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Forget about those days where you hustled to get to the event that you have been waiting for and when you get there, the only thing you get is an embarrassment of fake tickets, and those long lines at the venue. Now that is no more because something new has come up to put the hustle to an end and that is the Ticteq.

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Ticteq is an app that has been created for event organizers and attendees. It has been created to ease life in ticketing and end the continuous sale of fake and duplicated tickets.
Ticteq integrates in-house box office ticket sales, online bookings and customer records into one manageable platform. For attendees, the app streamlines the ticket buying process via an event-branded ticket purchasing interface.

As a self-service platform, Ticteq is ideal for those who want to manage their events online, 24/7. Booking fees which can be absorbed by ticket buyers are calculated according to the ticket prices set and the payment platform is via mobile money.

The event organizers can customize the app screens with their own graphics, brand, and logo, streamlining the ticket purchase experience for buyers.

Depending on the event and venue, organizers can offer numbered tickets from an onscreen seating plan, or general admission tickets.

Tickets can be dispatched under the buyer’s account and in which can be accessed by the buyer only, this is done for the security of the buyer’s ticket.

Benefits of using the app

The app lets the buyer access the tickets, any time anywhere even when they are off the internet (without data).

The user can buy or pay for the ticket using his or her mobile money account.

It does not require any fee to download the app.

It offers dynamic pricing capabilities that enable users to specify ticket prices for different events, seating areas, and individual seats. Seats can be moved, and ticket prices can be changed even when the show is on sale.