Pastor Bugingo to sue Bukedde and red pepper over publishing defamatory stories

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Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of the house of prayer ministry international church will be in the news forever, now news coming in is that he has instructed his lawyers to file a case against Bukedde newspaper and Red Pepper, accusing them of defamation in connection with stories they have been publishing about his impending divorce with his wife Teddy Naluswa.


According to Pastor Bugingo, Bukedde has been publishing stories indicating that he has been openly abusing and insulting his estranged wife whereas not. He also accuses Red Pepper of writing stories indicating that he has many other children out of wedlock.

While appearing on his station the salt TV made the remarks on the program ‘Misingi’, Bugingo revealed that the suits will have been served to the media houses by Wednesday.

He said the two media houses will have to prove to the court the evidence that he has other children out of wedlock. He said whereas he is a public figure that cannot escape public scrutiny, there must be fair reporting of his issue.

Pastor Bugingo in his affidavit states that there was no longer any more love between him and the wife, Ms. Naluswa.

“The marriage was characterized by mistreatment, an embarrassment in the presence of church members, friends, and their children and Ms. Naluswa “exhibited cruelty, selfishness and ungrateful attitude” towards him despite his loving and kind deeds, general disposition and words towards her,” Mr. Bugingo says in his affidavit.

Last week Bugingo filed for a divorce towards his wife teddy Naluswa, claiming that his wife mistreated him for the 29 years they have been married.