Zari bounces back in TZ amidst cheers from public

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Just after the hullaballoo between Zari and the father of her two kids diamond platinum, Zari Hassan spared some time off her busy schedule to travel to Tanzania for a charity cause. Diamond Platnumz went public on a local radio station and said that Zari cheated on him with Peter Okoye.


Ever since the boss lady left Tanzania after the break up with the bongo star, she had never received such an overwhelming reception like the one she got when she went back to bongo land.

However, Zari was heavily guarded by two bouncers including Mwarabu fighter who used to guard Diamond when they were living as husband and wife.


“It is so beautiful to be back here,” Zari told journalists and the paparazzi that were at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar-es-Salaam

According to our sources based in Tanzania, they tipped us that Diamond was so much worried having seen his ex receiving such a welcome and yet he thought that zari would never get it.

Zari was clear on her Instagram page that she visited Tanzania to do charity work, and not otherwise.

“Allow me to give my special thanks to everyone who came to receive me at the airport, it was overwhelming and the love is so real,” said Zari

Zari is the Softcare Diapers Ambassador in Tanzania and she moved from hospital to hospital distributing Softcare diapers and other products to new mothers.