Fresh kid to become a permanent secretary at the Ministry of Gender

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Patrick Ssenyonjo alias fresh kid will not stop at falling in things, the recent one is him meeting with the PS at the ministry of gender Pius Bigirimana where the young rapper promised the PS to study hard and become the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development.


During this meeting, the PS urged Fresh Kid’s parents and his music promoter to sign a Memorandum of Understanding.

“He sat in my chair and promised to study hard and become a Permanent Secretary one day on top of his music,” Bigirimana said.

“You (family) should have a Memorandum of Understanding with the promoter,” said Mr. Bigirimana.

“The performance and distribution of the proceeds of what is collected should be guided by the MoU,” he emphasized.

“The family must ensure that the kid goes to school and develops the talent on weekends or in holidays. He can also perform at concerts or school exhibitions but not to go into bars.” He added.

Ugandan laws protect minors from exploitation.

Uganda’s constitution Article 59 clause 56 restricts young children below 18 from being used for any financial benefits,”.

However, early April, the Ministry gave instructions to Fresh Kid’s manager and parents on how to balance his (Fresh Kid) music career as well as education.