Meet Belinda Nansasi miss curvy queen 2019 whose victory was prophesized

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Getting to the top is everyone’s dream in life, but the dream has been prophesized is another thing which means that the good lord you always worship and pray to does wonder for you. Our reporter James Kibira talked to Belinda Nansasi whose victory to becoming the miss curvy queen was prophesized by her pastor. She talks about life at the boot camp and being the first ever miss curvy queen.


Briefly tell us about yourself

Am Nansasi Belinda, the new miss curvy Uganda 2019 winner, am 25 years old, a mother of a 2-year-old daughter, down to earth, hardworking and most  God fearing woman.

What inspired you to join Miss curvy?

My inspiration to join miss curvy was a blessing in disguise, it came in a time when I wanted to show all those who thought that being plus size is a shame basically body shame and to let those ladies out there that even with a plus size body that they are beautiful.

If miss curvy had not come, how were you going to show the world who you are?

First I always wanted to be a model, so if it had not come I was going to try my best and make sure that I become a plus-size model since I also wanted to model.

Can you please tell me how it was at the boot camp?

What I can only tell you is that the experience was an awesome one, the one I will never forget.  We had an entertaining, educative, interactive and an adventurous boot where we taught how to speak in public, how to represent our selves and even learned how to swim.

Can you tell me that one moment that you can’t forget while in the book?

Ummmhhh!!!! That one is the zip lining, this is the thing that I feared all my life and it was so frightening but when I tried it out, it turned to be fun but scary. This killed my aerophobia condition.

Who was that one girl that you always feared?

To be frank with you there’s no girl that I was scared of because I knew I was better than all of them, but the only competitor I had was myself because I turned out to be own competitor.

Tell me about the prophecy of you winning the pageant

Actually, I had even forgotten about it, not until the finals that they reminded me about it. It was about 3 am when my pastor sent me a watsapp message telling me that am already a winner, which surprised me. When I went on with the chat he told to pick one number from number one to five where I picked number one and he said you are going to be number.

Ok, who is that man of god who prophesized your win?

He is prophet TJ Collins of the Epikaizo ministries international at hotel triangle.

How about others, weren’t they prophesized too?

Well, for others I don’t know about them because we pray from different churches

Let’s leave things of prophecy, are you in a relationship?

Hahahaha, as of now am single and contented am focusing on my new journey and my family period.

Now that you are crowned miss curvy 2019, how are you going to use your crown as a queen to show your relevance in society?

I have a project that I have been working on even before the pageant, so am just going to use my crown to implement it. Am working on a project about creating awareness on cervical cancer.

Any last words to the girls out there that feel left out because of their body shape.

First, they should believe in themselves and have self-love towards their bodies, let them also get that fear factor about themselves out of their minds that’s when they will hit the top.