Ssebuliime wasn’t an innocent person; I won’t give you even a coin, Nantaba tells off Ssebuliime’s orphans

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In a latest video, State ICT Minister Aidah Nantaba has said that she is too poor to give anything to the orphans of Ronald Ssebuliime, a man that Police shot dead on Sunday at her instigation.


It is in that same video, Nantaba says she has no obligation to help Sebulime’s orphans because the Policemen who killed their father aren’t her employees. Sounding unremorseful, Nantaba says the only thing she regrets in Sebulime’s death is the fact that she hasn’t been able to speak to him and understand who exactly sent him on a mission to bump her off.

“I actually missed him more than those orphans because I missed the opportunity to interrogate him as to why he wanted to kill me and who exactly hired him to do so,” Nantaba says.

She added that much as he is dead and she is expected to be sympathetic to him as a dead man now, she is still convinced that Ssebuliime wasn’t an innocent person. She also says one of her strong enemies (who she doesn’t name) has invested a lot of money to use the Ssebuliime orphans and the media to demonize her and make Ugandans hate her as a blood-thirsty politician which she isn’t.

There have been various questions that have rose from the controversial death of Ssebuliime with whom the police killed; however, there are also other traces of Ssebuliime being one of the assailants that were targeting the minister as she claims.