Exclusive!!!   URA FC CEO Ivan Kakembo under investigations over fake education papers

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When he had just arrived at the club many thought that he is going to revive the glory of the once prestigious club, Ivan Kakembo was appointed the tax payer’s club CEO on the on the 26th October 2018 and was given a one year renewable contract which commenced on 1st November 2018. But just months in office the CEO is just under investigations for allegedly tabling fake academic results.


Our posters at URA informed us that the CEO used papers that are likely to have been gotten from Nasser road which prompted the club officials start investigating the facts about his academic background.

There are papers we got that show that Ivan Kakembo studied sports science at the university of London where he claims to have been awarded a bachelor’s degree in sports science and administration.

A transcript showing Ivan Kakembo’s results obtained from the university of London

In a letter dated 12th February 2019, the head of transcripts and students records at the university denied having awarded Kakembo a transcript.

“I can confirm that the copy of the certificate of academic award you have provided was not produced by the university of London central offices” the letter noted.

Letter coming from the University of London denying the academic results of Ivan Kakembo

Ivan Kakembo was at one time the CEO at SC villa which was under the leadership of engineer Ben Misagga.

We are following up on the investigations that are going on at the club and we are yet to bring out the whole truth on the whole investigation

Watch the space…………………………………………………………………