Celebrities striving  for miss curvy 2018-2019 ROUND ONE

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As the nation is still ranting about on who is to contest for the controversial miss curvy pageant, our posters in the entertainment industry have listed a number of celebrities who are striving for being miss curvaceous 2018-2019. These vary from musicians, radio and TV personnel, and public figures.


The state minister of tourism hon. Kiwanda endorsed the pageant and the president gave it a go ahead to be organized, lamenting that he is okay with it. So why don’t  we reveal some of the celebrities that might contest in the pageant.

Contestant no 1

Lucky Mbabazi;

Lucky is renowned radio and TV personality who works with both capital FM and NBS television. She is known for putting on skimpy dresses, skirts and trousers that flaunts her curves and her streamlined body. She presents the morning show alongside Gaetano Kaggwa at capital FM.

Contestant no 2

Carol Nantongo;

This one is known for her tukigale hit that features Eddy Yawe. Carol Nantongo is one of the new kids in the music industry. She is not only known for her music but her curvaceous body makes men start pocketing every time she gets on the stage giving her an automatic qualification into the contest.

Contestant no 3

Winnie Nwangi;

Original names Nakanwagi Winnie is a musician known for her hit song like musawo where revealed to the public her true kitone refered to as curves. Nwangi flaunted her curves in another song that featured king Saha where she dressed in a more skimpy and sexy dress that exposed her beautiful curves to the world. Whenever the mataala singer gets on to the stage men start scream and salivating wanting to get a clutch of her juicy body that she flaunts every time she is performing.

Contestant no 4

Jenifer Musisi;

Jenifer Musisi was the former executive director of KCCA who later resigned of her duties. Although many traders referred to her as the iron lady of the city, she had something else she was known for and those were her curves she regularly flaunted whenever she came out to the public. This forced many men want to get near the iron lady but she could dispose them off like food residual.

Contestant no 5

Desire Luzinda;

When it comes to showcasing ekitone read curves desire Luzinda is not new to it. Before Winnie Nwangi came to limelight many men wanted to have a clutch of desire and she was the only curvaceous lady in the music industry by that time. Every time she moved on the streets of Kampala men would line up towards her and one would think they are voting LC 1 chairpersons.

Wealthy men, sports personnel all wanted to have a taste of desire’s kitone, it’s because of this that she qualifies into our miss curvy contest.

Contestant no 6

Maureen Nantuume;

She is a member of golden band one of the leading music bands in the country. Nantuume is known for songs like ekiyungu, kambe and others. The artist makes men salivate whenever she get s on the stage, this is because of her curved body that she parades every time she sets foot on the music podium.

Contestant no 7

Agatha Loswash;

The soupy, fleshy and succulent TV presenter makes men’s eyes glued onto their TV’s wherever her show airs, Loswash hosts the pundonor magazine show that airs every Tuesday evening at NBS television. Whenever she is out in the field, she makes sure that everyone at the scene locates her because of her skimpy and kokonyo dresses, pants that she normally puts on.

Contestant no 8

Anita Fabiola;

When she made it to the campaign of tulambuule with hon. Kiwanda everyone announced her as the winner of miss curvy beauty contest. Fabiola is not known for her eye catching sexy body but her curves also make men wet their pants whenever they get near her.

She is a former Miss Uganda, a TV presenter and a socialite, whenever Fabiola is she recognizable even when she is a crowded area. One can just watch her curves from a distance as if he is watching his favorite movie scene. Since she was Mr. curvy (hon. Kiwanda) Fabiola might be the number one contender for the miss curvy beauty pageant if she is to contest.

Contestant no 9

Faridah Nakazibwe;

The curvaceous TV presenters never let men get their eyes onto her morning program dubbed mwaze mutya that airs every weekday, whenever she is on the screens men always keep their eyes glued onto their sets. Nakazibwe not only host a show she also reads news bulletins at NTV.

Many men around town have tried to get a clutch on her but in vain though there are some that have gotten access to her heart. Her body is so curvaceous that even her fellow workers at the station envy her for that. In that way she makes it to our list.