UCC Suspends Rwamiti’s koona Show on Spark Tv

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The Uganda communications commission has of today suspended spark TV’s musical/ talk show dubbed koona ne Miles after honourable Kato Lubwama slapped promoter Bajjo during a live show on Friday. The show is moderated by Miles Rwamiti where he invites artistes, promoters, inspirational speakers to discuss issues.


Last Friday, entertainer/ Rubaga North legislator Kato Lubwama beat promoter Bajjo of Bajjo events after he belittled him claiming that Lubwama is not only stupid but also unskilled when it comes to speaking the Queen’s language.

Lubwama, filled with rage, slapped Bajjo twice live on air an act that contradicts the broadcasting standards.

UCC has therefore suspended the program, producer and presenter of the show.

‘We noticed total breach of the minimum Broadcasting Standards, breach of its licence terms and conditions and the law. The program ‘Koona’, producer and presenter of this show have henceforth been suspended immediately.’