Maro releases Christmas song for prison inmates

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When you hear him sing you may not want him to stop because of his vocals, the rnb kyabazinga hit the studio and released a song which is dedicated to all the prisoners in custody. The song is dubbed “guno’mwaka” produced at the volume up studio by producer zuli tums.


Maro in one of the scenes of the omwaka’guno song

“This song is from deep with in coz I do have a close relative who may spend this year’s Christmas behind bars. I dedicate it to all those in jail, guilty or not, and it is my prayer that they get their freedom” Maro said

The busoga music ambassador has joined the league of legendary musicians who have composed Christmas songs but his is different because his song is dedicated to prisoners

The video will be soon released but as of now let the fans listen to the audio and get the message Maro noted.