Order from above you can’t come in, SFC block journalist from a stepping into state house

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After a heated argument between the president and Nbs journalist Joseph Sabiiti there has been a twist in all whatever happened between the two. Information we have is that state house personnel under Special Forces Command (SFC) with orders from above had blocked the journalist from accessing state house premises and to cover any event accustomed to the president


Joseph Sabiiti claims that while the president was launching the steering executive committee for national dialogue at State House Entebbe, He(Sabiti) went to cover the event but unfortunately on reaching at State House, Special Forces Command(SFC) soldiers who  were on guard blocked him from entering the house.

According to public observation most citizens believe this should have arose from a heated exchange that evolved between the journalist and President Museveni during the launch of Anti Corruption Unit at Kololo Independence Grounds on 10th December.

Joseph Sabiiti has been one of journalist that have been covering all the events that President Museveni has been organising at state house