Shocking!!!! Bagyenda and kasekende connived with kuteesa’s wife to sell off crane bank

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With just a few days when shocking news of Hon; Sam Kuteesa receiving a bribe from Chinese tycoon, there have emerged another shocking story that includes the Kuteesa family.


As the COSASE is still investing BOU officials on the closure of the seven banks something shocked the committee when evidence was brought linking Mrs Kuteesa in the deal that led to the closure of crane bank.

19 months before BoU took over and controversially sold Crane Bank, Dr. Louis Kasekende and Bagyenda were conniving with Hon. Sam Kutesa’s wife to sell Crane Bank to a Chinese conglomerate.

Mrs. Kutesa according to exhibits presented in a New York court, on March 17, 2015 she emailed Ho about opportunities for investing in Uganda and specifically acquisition of a bank.

“We talked about banking sector with a possibility of acquiring a bank,” she wrote.

It is noted that it’s the same person Patrick Ho who is said to have given a 50,000 dollar bribe to Hon; Sam Kuteesa