I disappeared from the police in a rabadab style, Bobi wine

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Kyadondo East legislator will leave to regret the day he decided to join politics, the legislator has been on loggerheads with the police all the time. From the continuous blockage of his Kyarenga concert to the Gulu show and the recent one being the jinja show which was supposed to happen over the weekend.


The musician turned politician arrived in Jinja in the afternoon amidst cheers and chats of his now famed people power slogans.

His procession caused traffic paralysis for nearly two hours, while he prepared to perform at the anniversary celebration of Queens Palace, a popular bar situated in the center of Jinja town.

With in no time the police had arrived to block the procession and many people were captured including Bobi wine’s pals who had escorted him.

Bobi Wine decried police for brazenly attacking and waylaying his team in the night after retreating to the hotel in Jinja.

As many were still asking his the politician disappeared from the police, he noted that some people helped him escape but in a rabadab style.

“I still need answers as to why I am singled out and not allowed to practice my profession while my fellow artists are working! If I have a crime, why do you run away from me when I come to your offices? If I have a case to answer, why don’t you summon me and prosecute me as the law requires…Bobi inquired