Fik Fameica’s Kyadondo show was a journey worth the walk

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Last year the wonder kid from Kawempe hit up freedom city, that’s where his musical journey started with songs that started up the year like mafia and yes the journey had sparked off and it was time for a bigger venue which was to be Kyadondo. With adverts running all over media it was the revellers to turn up which they did but in less numbers and yes the tonsukuma artist didn’t disappoint those who turned up at Kyadondo.


The ‘Mafia’ hitmaker came on stage at about 11:10 PM after top artistes like Lydia Jazmine, Voltage music, Fille had warmed up the fans. Just like his fans had expected, his performance was perfectly executed with sound very clear and the band rhymed with him to every sing he performed.

Wembley the dancer was also there to spice up every bit of the show.

The show at kyandondo was like the rehearsal for his coming performances in other parts, so the revellers from those parts should expect the best of the born to win artist.