Norbert Mao blasts FDC for snubbing the IPOD

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After the forum for democratic change (FDC) president Patrick Amuriat Oboi snubbing the IPOD and calling the dialogue a waste of time for Ugandans. Now Democratic Party has lashed out their fellows who are FDC opposing the national dialogue meeting.


Addressing journalists in Kampala today, DP president Norbert Mao said the decision by FDC to opt out of the summit is unfortunate because it affects quorum, he  added  that the Democratic Party has nothing to lose by attending the summit.

The summit which will take place tomorrow at the Speke resort Munyonyo and president Museveni is expected to attend in his capacity as the NRM party national chairman.

IPOD is made up of the FDC, Democratic Party, ruling NRM, UPC and Justice Forum that have representation in parliament.