BOAT TRAGEDY: The boat was for fishing boat not  for transport, minister Bagiire

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There has been a new twist about the boat that got capsized at Lake Victoria claiming lives of more than 30 people who were on board and among the many who lost their lives was the boat owner templar bisase and wife. According to the state minister of works and transport Aggrey Bagiire the boat was meant to be used for fishing not to transport people.


The MV Templar was in poor condition, had been grounded for some time and lacked a valid license to operate

“The steel-built narrow vessel was said to have recently undergone repairs, including patching up holes in the hull. It was in and out of business, its operators allegedly dodging inspectors who wanted to impound the boat” said Aggrey Bagiire, the state minister for transport.

By the time we reported this the police and the UPDF are working tirelessly to bring out the boat from water so that they can look for more other missing people.