BOAT TRAGEDY:  I lost several personal friends in the accident , Bobi Wine

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kyandondo east legislator is one of those that are grieving for the souls of their loved ones who perished in the boat accident that happened at lake Victoria over the weekend, we have learnt that Bobi wine was friends with chuck kings who was also on the boat. to show his concern and grieve Bobi wine went onto his face book and posted


“The news coming from home is very sad. I still cannot believe that we lost so many young people on that boat. My heart is heavy. I lost several personal friends in the accident and it is extremely painful. We continue to pray for the families of all who lost loved ones, and for a quick recovery to those who are nursing injuries. Last night when we learnt of the tragedy, I requested my team at One Love Beach to dispatch our boats to help out with the rescue mission, and recovery of bodies. I also encourage all of us to use all our abilities to help the victims of this tragedy. We must always be united in grief as we do in times of joy. Kitalo nnyo dala!”

Bobi wine is coming back to the country after to share the sorrowful moments with the families of the deceased, we note that he had gone to Ghana for the AFRIMA awards.