President Museveni hosts Indian community, meets with Sudhir

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The president of Uganda is one person who can’t let  his investors go down with no explanation and he will do anything to make sure that all is with well with them. Yesterday president Museveni hosted the Indian community in Uganda to a dinner celebrating the Hindu Festival of Lights or Diwali, at State House, Entebbe and had to discuss many things. The dinner had influential and top heads in the Indian community among them was Sudhir Ruparelia and his son Rajiv Ruparelia.


Rajiv Rupaleria and his dad other Indian dignitaries  at the State house Entebbe

I thank the Indian community for their immense contribution towards rebuilding our country. We first had political problems but when we settled and became peaceful, many of you helped us rebuild Uganda. The Indian community has helped us establish a strong foundation for a modern economy. I thank you and we are happy with this contribution.

Since most of you are business people, I want to let you know that government is doing everything to ensure there is a conducive business environment. For example, we now insist that whatever form of electricity we produce must not exceed eight American cents per unit. The road network is good now, from border to border. The government has invested a lot in this infrastructure. We are now moving to fixing the railway and water transport.

On the issue of recognizing Indians as a tribe, government will work on it. We can use the example of the Nubians. These were soldiers from Egypt, Turkey and South Sudan. They came here and never went back. They are recognized as a tribe in our Constitution.

After the dinner we think the president had to meet up with Sudhir and discuss some issues which we didn’t know but might bear good fruits for the embattled business man. Sudhir has been having financial issues in that case let’s think that the president might come to his rescue from the ditch he is in.