There’s no court order against Bagyenda to leave country at any time she feels like, Asan Kasingye

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The inquiry into the closure of seven commercial banks being conducted (COSASE) was surprised when it got an abrupt from former executive of bank Uganda Justine Bagyenda indicating that she was flying out of the country to attend to some engagements that she had confirmed before the summons to appear before the committee.

This rose suspicions among members at the committee that Bagyenda was doing this intentionally so that she can run away from the allegations that are being put up against her. And this has brought about mixed reactions from all the people including AIGP Asan kasingye.

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Asan Kasingye has said that embattled former Executive Director for Supervision at Bank of Uganda Justine Bagyenda did not break any law by leaving the country abruptly in the middle of an investigation of the central bank by Parliament where she is a key witness.

Mr. Kasingye argues that there was no court order against the beleaguered former iron lady at BoU and she was therefore at liberty to leave the country despite the controversy it has attracted.

Mr Kasingye made the remarks on his twitter handle while responding to a question posed by one user, Darius Busingye who asked: “How did Justine Bagyenda leave the country when she was under probe? Isn’t here security at the airport? Or its order from above?”

“I thought that COSASE was probing BOU. However, unless under arrest or orders of court, she’s free to travel anywhere she wishes,” Kasingye responded.