DP and NRM candidates cancelled out by electoral commission, can’t stand as LC5 chairperson in Busia.

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DP one time had Norbert Mao who had no national ID and couldn’t vote. Now Mao’s man in Busia Deo Njoki is not a voter and has been thrown out.


The EC chairman, Justice Simon Byabakama in two different statements said the nomination of Mr Paul Boniface Oguttu as a candidate for the District chairperson, Busia District had been cancelled on grounds that the names in the nomination papers he presented during nomination do not match the names on the requisite academic documents accompanying his nomination papers.

In a related development, Justice Byabakama said the DP candidate, Deogratius Hasubi Njoki was not a registered voter under the national voters register and thus overturned the returning officers’ decision to have him nominated for the Busia District Chairperson elective position.

This has come after the two candidates having issues in their nominations hence being denied to stand as candidates in the forthcoming LC5 elections in Busia