If we stay united we can take down Museveni, Bobi Wine

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Kyandodo East legislator Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has said the need for change among the youth in the country is unstoppable and if they are to stay together and united for a cause they can get what they all eye for when the time comes.


He made these remarks while addressing a group of people power supporters from Nakaseke District who visited him at his home in Magere recently. The group which was led by Esther Nakawooya who is eying for women Member of Parliament seat come 2021 in Nakaseke district.


Bobi Wine emphasized that the demand for change, which has been building for years, has now extended across the country and that it is incumbent upon Ugandans to utilize it and dislodge the ruling National Resistance Movement party from power.

Bobi Wine expressed optimism that once they mobilize, connect and structure themselves well in addition to preparing the public, especially the youth to acquire the National Identity Cards, by 2021, they will have got the numbers to win the elections.

Nakawooya said her team embraced Bobi Wine’s people power message and they are spreading it tirelessly since the conditions Ugandans and Nakaseke people are in are unpleasant.

The People Power movement has taken many political leaders by storm including the president who in the begining underestimated their strength