Don’t drive christians away from their God by working with the government, General Sejjusa

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Former Coordinator of the military intelligence and retired general, David Sejusa has warned the Church against collaboration with the State, saying the move may end up driving Christians from God’s sanctuary.


The retired general tweeted in response to a heated debate following a proposal by the Catholic Church to start deducting the 10% tithe from Government workers’ salaries.
Recently, Cyprian Lwanga, the Archbishop of Kampala Archdiocese caused public stir when he announced that the Catholic Church in Uganda is considering compelling the Central Government to embark on the compulsory deduction of the 10% tithe from their monthly salaries from Catholic faiths.

Lwanga’s proposal was met with a lot of public criticism and saw one guest on NTV Men who goes by the names Pyepar Faisal who remarked that, “The church will one day ask the state to enforce Sunday service mass attendance. It has started with tithe.”

Sejusa responded to the tweet noting, “As in Europe. He quotes Germany which levies 9% of annual income tax. The result, Last year alone, Shs700,000 Catholics left the church! Actually, 600 Catholic churches have closed! Collaborate with the state at own peril.”

The General’s remarks come at a time when President Yoweri Museveni pledged Shs500M to support the construction of All Saints Cathedral on Sunday and handed the church leadership Shs50M cash pending completion of the balance.