Journalists Living In Fear, Hit List Takes Some Into Hiding

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The issue of hit lists won’t end until the police and other security organs in the country get to the bottom of it, it all started with moslem clerics who some were later killed and then followed colonel Ibrahim Abiriga who was also killed, then came another one that include top officials in the country which included the Buganda premier, Kampala Lord mayor and other legislators. And now there’s a recent one which has just been released including journalists coming from the greater Masaka.


The list which is written in Luganda includes names of the journalists, their work places and the reasons they are on it. These include Tomusange Kayinja(CBS), Robert Nsubuga(BBS),Jacinta Bwanika(Bukedde),Faris Magembe(NBS) and others who are not mentioned here.

Just recently Tomusange Kayinja a veteran reporter from Masaka survived assailants who attacked him at his home but only hit his car. It is through this situation that the veteran journalist has decided to flee his Masaka based home.