Kawooya bit security operatives when he was being arrested says Museveni

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Following a viral video of security operatives beating and harassing a one Yusuf Kawooya that raised an alarm to the human rights network. This is even forced the UPDF to set up a trial for the five men who beat Kawooya.


security operatives beating up Yusuf Kawooya

It was not before that the president had to write a letter warning all security organizations to stop brutalizing and beating up culprits but that didn’t stop him from talking about the whole Yusuf Kawooya saga.

President Museveni defended security officers who were captured on video brutally arresting Yusuf Kawooya a Kampala businessman saying they reacted that way because he (Kawooya) had bitten them to try to evade arrest.

In a missive published on Sunday, Museveni said he had been informed that the businessman had tried to bite fingers of the arresting officers necessitating his mishandling.

“When I inquired, the concerned people told me that the suspect had bitten him (okuruma). That is very serious because some of the criminals have got infectious diseases. Our officer can be infected in that way and that should be an extra charge put on him, ”Museveni said..

“You do not have to beat him or maim him. He will be punished by being imprisoned or even hanged, if he is sentenced. You should, therefore, not play in the criminal’s hands by beating him/her so that he gains public sympathy.”

This is not the first time the president has come out to defend security operatives on the brutal arrests that have been done.