Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga gets political back up for his tithe proposal

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Over the weekend during a mass at Rubaga cathedral the Archbishop of Kampala diocese  Bishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga expressed his concern over the failure by many Catholics who taken giving tithe for granted , saying that this has slowed the pace at which the church carries it’s work. The bishop went on to say that the government should take off tithe from the believers salaries directly and then give it back to church for smooth running.


When the Bishop Kizito Lwanga met with President Museveni

This brought up mixed reactions from believers forcing some to say that if the government cuts off tithe from their salaries they will quit the Catholic Church and join other denominations.

With all reactions and criticism this proposal has got the bishop has got back up from some politicians these include Kalungu west MP Joseph Sewungu and Busia Municipality legislator Godfrey Machon.

Tithe is very important in church that’s why every year we come together and head to Namugongo, that’s why you see churches being constructed every day it’s because of the money we give in church so people should increase on what they give in church so that there is smooth running of church activities” Machon said.

“Dr Lwanga isn’t the first man of God to find himself in the eye of the storm over tithe remarks, in February this year pastor Robert Kayanja asked president Museveni to consider allocating 10% of government annual budget to church as tithe offering but they didn’t come out to attack him why are they now onto the bishop” said Sewungu