Respect Political Parties, Mao tells off Bobi Wine

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Democratic party president Nobert Mao is not happy with whatever the Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine is doing. Mao has been following whatever the legislator has been doing, Kyagulanyi has been linked to Mugisha Muntu’s force, he has been linked to the democratic party and during the by election of Kyadondo east he was meant to be the flag bearer of FDC.


Now this has prompted the DP president to warn Kyagulanyi to grant respect to political parties. According to Mao, Bobi Wine should not dismiss the role of political parties because it’s better way of organized leadership.

“if democratic party (DP) or Uganda People’s Congress hasn’t performed then organize and form a political party rather than underestimating our roles” Mao noted