Norbert Mao getting threats from Bobi Wine supporters

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We had earlier on reported that democratic party president Norbert has told Kyadondo east legislator Robert Kyagulanyi to grant political parties respect. This was during the ceremony at the Inter Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) to welcome JEEMA back to IPOD.


The clip that has the all the information on what Mao said made many Kyagulanyi fans start spitting venmous words towards the politician and not only the words that have been split but they have also comeout to threat the president. The fearful Mao went onto his facebook and posted.

“Some of the commentators claiming to be supporters of “People Power” and Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi have even threatened my life. If you can issue death threats against a leader for saying political parties matter and that we need to organize to bring about change then what sort of society are you building?” Mao noted