7 Reasons why Bobi Wine is becoming more famous

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Let’s not forget the fact he was famous even before he joined the parliament, he was one of Uganda’s top artists for almost 15 years and he ruled the game alongside Chameleon and Bebe cool but his ambitions to be come a politician has made him more famous. here we give you our 10 reasons why we think he is becoming more famous day by day.


1. He is a down to earth person, Bobi Wine is famous but he does not behave like a famous person, he does not showoff on people. He refused fame to rule him.

2. He does not disrespect anybody, thats why he chills with people in ghettos and uptown people.

3. His life story is an inspiration to many youth,Those who feel like giving up always think “If Bobi Wine made it wen he grew up in a poor family, how about me, let me also try to find life like him”.

4. His songs and his words are so inspirational, he sings about real life and makes u believe that everything is possible in life.

5. According to the recent study, its believed that Bobi Wine is the only celebrity who inspires his those who don’t wish him good.

6. Of late Its so hard to find him in musical fights, he has a name to repute.

7. Bobi wine prefers proving people wrong, He will prove you right even when you don’t agree with him.