Bring Yusuf Kawooya tormentors says DP president Nobert Mao

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On Friday, Daniel Senkungu, Moses Rwamwenge, one only identified as Omara and two others were reported to have appeared before the Unit Disciplinary Committee (UDC) sitting at the CMI headquarters in Mbuya. These men are said to have been behind the abduction and beating of one Yusuf Kawooya who is a member in the Democratyic Party. All this that happened at the committe has raised suspision among politicians and said that they are not the men who abducted Yusuf .


DP President Norbert Mao claims that the party has evidence the trial was staged. He says, “When you look at the physique of the men in that video, those are not the men who tormented Kawoya.”

DP President Nobert Mao with Yusuf Kawooya’s lawyer Kenneth Paul Kakande

Mao argues that the suspects need to be paraded before the public in court like the suspects of the Arua by-election chaos were in Gulu as they stood for trial.

The DP president added that if UPDF fails to bring the suspects to book, the party will take action.

Mao has also asked the UPDF to immediately release Kawooya or they will take to the streets to demonstrate.

But UPDF deputy spokesperson Lt. Col Deo Akiiki Asiimwe dismisses DP’s concerns. Akiiki contends that, ‘’We have the real suspects, it is incumbent upon DP to produce the suspects they claim to know.’’

Kawooya was abducted on Thursday and beaten before being bundled in a waiting van, registration number UAF 325S, which sped off. The incident happened at the junction bet