President Museveni launches campaign against HIV/AIDS

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“AIDS is not infectious which was our original worry in the 1980s and it is spread through a few well known ways that can be avoided and if new infections can be halted AIDS will be history,” said President Museveni. This was during the launch a new Presidential Fast-Tracking Initiative on the Elimination of HIV/AIDS which seeks to totally eliminate the scourge from the Uganda by 2030.
The launch took place over the weekend in Isingiro district where the President reminded Ugandans and stakeholders in eliminating the pandemic to focus more on prevention. Museveni said that HIV/AIDS is avoidable thus efforts should be on preventive measures.
In his remarks, the President said that because AIDS has no known cure to-date, Ugandans need to focus on how to avoid contracting the virus. This, he said, is the only sure way the virus can be eliminated from the Ugandan society.
Museveni appealed to those involved in the fight against AIDS to give out clear, bold and straightforward messages to the public with emphasis on prevention, and for those already infected, to get treatment as soon as possible.He reminded them that embarking on treatment early, one reaps several advantages including increasing one’s life span but emphasised that the most important one is the fact that once one is on Anti-retroviral (ARVs) drugs, one reduces the risk of spreading HIV/AIDS to others.
Museveni used the same event to also remind Ugandans the importance of testing for HIV/AIDS which he said enables one to properly plan for one’s life and to get treatment where necessary.
He noted that although ARVs are not a cure and have several life threatening side effects. They help prolong life making it possible for one to look after one’s family and is far better than one losing life.
The Minister for Presidency, Esther Mbayo has been put in-charge of the implementation of the Presidential Initiative to eliminate HIV/AIDS.