Miss tourism Uganda brings back controversial public relations officer

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Right after the crowning of the current miss tourism Uganda, many things have happened within this prestigious pageant that has happened for almost five years. There have been changes right from the top spot. It started with the national coordinator then followed the events manager and lastly  the public relations officer.


Richard flavour conducting a press conference with the current miss tourism uganda queen at little Ritz restaurant

The resignation of Kisakye Rhona has given way for former national coordinator now turned public relations at the Nalukolongo based pageant. The new PR who is Richard Flavor has been connected with many controversies in both the music industry and the pageant industry.

Richard Flavor was the national coordinator when miss tourism experienced a tragedy that took the lives of the beauty queens and a journalist. The tragedy happened on the 4th July 2015 according to the survivors Richard Flavor was supposed to prepare the journey for the team to travel a day before which he declined and postponed it to the next day and getting on the next day he had to keep the keys to himself yet the equipments that were supposed to be used had been kept in his office, he continues to say that Flavor made them delay the and when got  there he had to rush the driver so that they get to Mbarara in time and before they knew it was a tragedy that saw the girls lose their lives.

“We can’t allow such a person to take over the pageant that has respect and a legacy to keep, in that case we are going to make anything possible so that we don’t lose lives because of the same person who almost ended my life” said one of the media survivors.