Tips on getting your dream wedding dress

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A wedding is a onetime thing that everyone dreams of but the design of the dress can turn off the bride’s mood even on that wonderful day. Shopping for a wedding dress is a once in a lifetime experience and with so many gowns in the market to choose from, it can also be incredibly overwhelming .Kibira James  talked to Barry Lynn Zainab on what to do before getting that dress of your life time.

  • Don’t schedule your wedding dress appointment late, It should be a month before your wedding day  to allow you take your time on choosing the best gown for yourself and also put space for a change, adjustments, reducing on it or adding on anything you might like.
  • Avoid moving with a crowd of people who will disorganize you, move with 1 to 2 people who will advise accordingly.
  • DON’T pick a wedding dress just because it’s trendy now, give your self-time to identify your body type and what suites it.
  • Don’t look for exactly what your friend put on her wedding day because that was her choice, so make sure that you have your own taste?
  • Don’t bring your husband along, men lack style when it comes to gowns beside you have to surprise him on your wedding day looking new
  • Don’t choose a wedding dress that’s to dull, get a pure white with few stones on it because makes you look stunning on your wedding day.
  • Don’t choose a wedding dress that will demand you put on high shoe that might limit you from dancing, walking on your special day.
  • Some Gowns determine the kind of hair style to be made, make sure your hair stylist gets to know your wedding dress type.