4 Reasons Why Jennifer Semakula Musisi Is Leaving KCCA

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October 15, KCCA’s executive director Jennifer Musisi submited her resignation.


Musisi cited several reasons for her decision including the unending fights between the political and technical wing at City Hall. Below is a summary of her resignation letter.

Your Excellency,


This is to submit my resignation from the position of Executive Director, Kampala Capital City Authority with effect from 15th December 2018.

Your Excellency, over the last seven and half years, we have made progress towards transforming Kampala. Below is some of our performance she highlights:

  1. Institutional Transformation:
  2. Human Resource Development
  3. Financial Management and Revenue Performance
  4. Infrastructure Improvements:
  5. Kyanja Concrete Products Yard
  6. Education and Social Services
  7. Sports and Recreation
  8. Waste Management and Sanitation
  9. Physical Planning
  10. Street Addressing and House Numbering
  11. Specialized Service Units
  12. Health Services
  13. Gender, Production and Community Services
  14. KCCA Assets
  15. Kampala City Festival
  16. Awards and Recognitions

She continued to explain more of why she is leaving her position

Your Excellency, the Technical Team and I have had the capacity and commitment to do much more and have more impact on Kampala City than we have but have been constrained by the following challenges:

(i) One of the main challenges has been to reconcile the competing interests between political perspectives / decisions and the strategic plans, policies, regulations and work plans of the KCCA Technical Team. Consequently, it has increasingly become difficult to achieve set targets.

(ii) KCCA is unable to fully meet the Government and Public expectations in City Development Programmes and service delivery demands due to inadequate funding.

(iii) We currently have inadequate permanent staff on account of budget limitations, resulting in prolonged temporary terms of service and job insecurity. This has led to demotivation and high turnover of highly skilled staff. In addition, staff is not adequately facilitated in terms of tools, equipment and vehicles.

(iv) There is inadequate political support to the efforts of the KCCA Technical Team to transform Kampala. Many planned City improvement plans have not received political support and therefore not been implemented.

Uganda makes heavy investments in educating, training and employing professionals. For the Nation to fully benefit from this investment, professionals need to be allowed and supported to advise, develop and implement innovative solutions to the challenges we still face as a developing Nation. KCCA has developed a very competent, professional team that needs to be supported to continue the journey we started.

I believe that the visible transformation of Kampala over the last seven and half years is evidence that Ugandan institutions can be transformed by Ugandans.

The same transformation template if adopted and supported can be rolled out to other institutions that are in need of institutional transformation and improved performance.

I have over the last seven years raised these issues numerous times to the Executive and the Legislature, which have at times made some efforts to address them.

However, on the whole, these challenges have not been substantially addressed; therefore hampering planned transformation programmes and expected service delivery.

KCCA’s initial five-year performance raised both public and Government expectations of the institution. But the challenges highlighted above have increasingly made it difficult for KCCA to meet these expectations.

On account of the above matters, I am not able to continue serving in the position of Executive Director, Kampala Capital City Authority.

Your Excellency, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve my nation both in Uganda Revenue Authority and Kampala Capital City Authority. I want to thank you for the times when you encouraged, supported and guided me to do my work.

I want to thank the KCCA Technical Team with whom I have worked diligently to transform Kampala. Together we have improved Kampala and made our City and Uganda shine globally.

I also want to sincerely appreciate our development partners, Nations, Agencies, Corporate Entities, the Private Sector and the many individuals who have supported us to transform Kampala.

In the service of God and My Country,

Jennifer Semakula Musisi, PhD (h.c.)