Golola Moses to fight Umar Semata in a no belt match

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By James Kibira


Motor mouthed kick boxer Moses Golola is yet to appear again in a fight, he is to fight Umar Semata another kick boxer based in Thailand. The fight is scheduled for Saturday 13th  at freedom city.

Golola and Semata at a press brief recently

“This is no belt match but it’s going to be a fight that has never happened in the history of Uganda kick boxing and am going to beat Semata to pulp where his supporters won’t be able to recognize him anymore” said Golola Moses.

And on the hand “the Pain” Semata has earned a sponsorship package sports philanthropist Jack Pemba ahead of his fight against Golola.

Semata, a super middleweight Muay Thai fighter weighs 75kg and boasts of 44 wins, three draws but has been beaten 30 times in the lightweight category. Whereas Golola, weighs 85kg and has 36 wins in 41 fights.